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These articles where written in 1994-5 while healing from stroke damage.
Please pardon their grammatical imperfections.

Don’t Let the Rage Within Continue!

     Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun, Napoleon, Hitler, and history’s most brutal warriors knew nothing of the bio-chemistry of cholesterol!  But they intuitively understood the relationship of a dairy and flesh diet in raising the aggression and violence levels of their soldiers – and so made certain that pre-battle meals were high in animal sourced foods!  [The amino acid tyrosine, which is abundantly supplied in protein rich diets, produces in the brain the chemical dopamine;  a behavioral marker of dopamine dosing, then subsequent withdrawal is enhanced (hyper) activity and aggression.]
     Both Hitler’s and the Allies’ seasoned and experienced soldiers knew ahead, when they were going to be called to battle – in the next few days – if their rations of cheese, eggs, milk, and flesh were raised!  (see book/film: “All is Quiet on the Western Front”).
     So today, like them, we ignorantly feed ourselves and our children for battle – at every meal! –Then wonder why behavioral disorders, stress, tension, aggression, violence, and the mania in its multitudes of forms pervade!
     –Then we prescribe Ritalin, prosac, lithium, amitriptyline (Elivil), imipramine, desipramine (and hundreds of others like Percodan, Percoset, Darvon, Darvoset – more – all psycho-tropic drugs designed to manage this inner destructive, chemically driven, war!
     Utah is the Ritalin capital of the world.  We use double that of our closest competitor – Idaho – then Arizona – (familiar ring?– and Arizona is more than double any other place on earth)! – Why?  Because no people on earth devour more dairy, ovum, and blood foods than we! The Gadiantons had nothing on us! – except we barbecue ours first!
     Then with this – in our ignorant super-doping of sterols – we must ‘manage’ our mania, in equal ignorance! – with the long term, damaging, and addictive, counter-sterols – the neuro and psychotopic/trophic medications listed above! – only to re-direct this chemical war’s rage into a quietly suppressed destruction! – within!
     So what will you do when your drugs are no longer effective, affordable, or available?
     Your home, and streets will become violent!  – and may run – with your blood!
     Here is a better plan:  Don’t feed your home troops for battle!
     Live by the plowshare! – not by the sword!
     Depend on God’s Prescriptions in the gently peaceful foods – like the yam and banana!* – not blood, cholesterol, prosac and Ritalin!**    TLR

*yam / banana:  best source of L-lysine, the pre-cursor to serotonin and the other thought and pain managing endorphines! At natual levels!
**prosac / Ritalin:  beta (endorphine homing) blockers – are effective temporary neuro-therapies, but do impair serotonin replicator cells – hence, may perpetuate their own or even stronger medications uses, as added damage from their very use may progress to permanent dependence!
Caution!  Do not stop Prosac / Ritalin mediation without professional management!   tlr

[original published Western WheatGrass Journal -ThomasLRodgers, Mar 1995]
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