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These articles where written in 1994-5 while healing from stroke damage.
Please pardon their grammatical imperfections.

Violence, Abuse, Cholesterol -- and Steroid (Hormonal) Confusion! (including gender)
Just Say No!

     If indeed you and I wish to reduce the base actions and reactions of man: of violence, extorted sex, abuse (in all its varied forms) and death, we then must eliminate the foolish and vile doping of the biochemical force that drives or is a factor in them all! –  the base sterol (steroid) – Cholesterol! This substance – of which all steroidal hormones are formed – has always been taken in excess (of our own natural production) from creation – in violence, extortion, abuse and death!– so in just recompense – in us, it also spawns!

     A full grown adult requires less than 7 mg/day of new cholesterol. This amount already is conservatively made and in judicious sparsity, is used within our own endocrine system.
 – Yet in one extorted egg, we add to our blood stream 280 mg – 40 times the body’s need of cholesterol. This then, in the brute forces of our biochemistry, is converted to and becomes an overdose of testosterone (in males), estrogen, progestrone, prolactin (in females), adrenaline, thyroxin, pituitarium and all associated sterols (in our children, also), – with the stress, mania, fat, disease, degeneration, and death – consistent with this also so subtle and treacherous builder of arterial and veinal plaque.

     And within this same biochemical folly, we complicate our own and our children's sexual chemistry with the cross doping of the sex sterols!  Estrogen– the female hormone is given copiously to our boys and men via dairy (milk) and concentrated 10 to 70 times in cheese and butter and in female flesh in flounder, heifer, hen, sow – adding to them, whenever digestive leakage and liver dysfunction or bypass exists – a chemical confusion potential to foreign bio-effeminatity, and occasioning chemo-induced or accented crossing or homosexual tendencies. And at the same time, without restraint, testosterone – the male hormone, is given freely to our girls, gestating mother and women, via the steer, rooster, hog, fish, etc. – again entering internal blood and tissues via digestive and liver flaws – potentially adding to them heightened aggression, accelerated growth, unnatural drives, masculinity – and possibly chemically staging them also for, or towards sexual confusion, and occasionally, lesbianism.

     So the minds, bodies, and souls of the human family and our children are easily brought down, physically, spiritually, and morally, as we have made our own tables our own trap, our snare our stumbling block, and a recompense* unto ourselves!

  – Our eyes are indeed darkened, and our backs are bowed down –while the earth morns and heavens seal closed against us, in our own fouled smell; as foolishly we are deceived and are made partners, and partakers of those things offered by, and to the devils*!
  – So in violence, extortion, abuse, and death: – is always taken, that sterol, cholesterol – and with it, the "Chosen Men of Israel!"

     If we are to stand in strength, with Him, in this, the final hour, this deadly drug, Cholesterol – in all its devious and hidden forms – like its chemical cousins: cocaine, nicotine, caffeine, alcohol – is the other vicious sterol, and final drug to which we must also, now! Just Say!  No!

     Cholesterol? For you and me today?
There Is no need! No! None at all!

     Ref:  Life on Earth; China Study - Cornell Unv; Diet and Health - NatI Acd Sc, Wash DC
     * Rom 11:9, 10; Isa3:24; Amos 5:21,22; Rev 2:14; Act 15:20; Col 12:21,22; lCor10:21; DC89:13,l5; DC49:21; JSTGen9:ll; Pslm78:31
     tlr medical history 1989-94
     Cholesterol comes from, and is only found in animal products!; none is found in the "fruits and herbs" (Hebrew "herbs" = vegetables, grains, legumes, greens, seeds).

"So in the glass and on the plate, is man and woman,
-- the family, and its precious child,
as devils laugh, with simple grease and stolen blood,
             they trick us all, and make us all defiled!" TLR

(1994 T.L.Rodgers / Published in Western Wheatgrass Journal, Salt LakeCity, Utah, March 1995)

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