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These articles where written in 1994-5 while healing from stroke damage.
Please pardon their grammatical imperfections.

Cholesterol: What you haven’t been told! – but you had better know!

     Important!  You must be made aware of this! – it will help you understand some of the physiological and psychological difficulties you may now experience, or may experience as you attempt to change from an animal foods to a healthy plant foods diet!––
    Cholesterol is a powerful sterol! – another name for steroid!  It is in the same family of physio and psycho-addictive chemicals of societies’ most potent sterols: caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, cocaine, marijuana – and the other, hidden steroids – the animal hormones!
     So psycho and physio-addictive is this powerful chemical – cholesterol – that when those unaware first try living without animal foods – our only source of any dietary cholesterol – the strong withdrawal responses of the body makes them believe – because they feel worse for a period – that something must be wrong in this their unprepared attempt to live on the harmless foods of the soil!
     Just as any user of nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, cocaine or any steroid knows – when addictive drugs are withdrawn, a difficult withdrawal period is experienced! – sometimes as a very literal physical and mental hell – which, often, unfortunately, forces a weak and unprepared person, back to that incidious drug's supply and re-affirmed habit!
     Dietary cholesterol is no different!
     Cholesterol is in the stimulant spectrum of other sterol/steroids; creating physio-responses like its chemical cousin, caffeine! And so pushes the life processes: raising – unnaturally – pseudo-energy and pseudo-strength in the beginning of our lives – until our unnaturally over-driven glands and tissues prematurely fatigue and wear out.  Tension, stress, and aggression, are raised radically, as consequential and unnatural levels of post-sterol/steroids are manufactured, far beyond natural demands, by our glands, from our super-doped levels of this base sterol – cholesterol!
     In short; cholesterol is a powerful and terribly addictive stimulant! – a ruthless psycho-tropic and physio-tropic drug! – subtly raising our mania! – accelerating life! – and pushing us towards premature death!
     So be aware! – and be prepared to endure withdrawal!
     But do not be frightened!
     About two weeks is the worst of the crash period! (It may be longer.) Then usually at one month you will begin to normalize!
     Then at two months you will ask yourself why you didn’t live like this before! – as your wind and vigor climbs – letting your feel better and do things you have not experienced with ease since long before!
     Then at two years, you will never ever regret your change! – as a clear skinned, lighter, healthier, vigorous, and more at peace person looks back at you from within your mirror! – and as a pleased Creation and Creator looks at you from without and down from above and is made able to bond easier with you, as your inner vessel is becoming more undefiled, and you are no longer made foul, irritable, violent and bloody by your choices of harm and death within your desires, appetites and plate! TLR
[original published Western WheatGrass Journal -ThomasLRodgers, Mar 1995]
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