Vitamin B12 / Cyanocobalamin -- Letter

Vitamin B12 / Cyanocobalamin -- Letter

This letter below received today required me to expand on my writing started 2 months ago on the "eternal" B12-Supply-and-Deficiency debate. So I have now added, this new page (VitaminB12, page #2), which explains much more and expands upon the internal B12 metabolic challenges! -- The real B12 "Deficiency" issue!

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Dear Sir, 
For the last six to nine months, I was feeling tired, lethargic and pain in
the neck and of course I was not liking anything with symptoms of
forgetfulness etc. My doctor after my MRI and Vitamin B12 test has diagnosed
as Cobalamin deficiency syndrome. First my doctor had put me on B12 tablets
and subsequently on Methyl cobalamin injection 500mcg/ml 1ml. I have taken
more than 10 injections and I am feeling quite relieved. I am also suffering
cervical spondylitis, for which I am doing the neck exercises regularly. The
level of B12 in my body before the test was 174mcg. Kindly let me know how
long is the treatment taken and what other precautions I should take. My age
is about 54 years.
awaiting your early response

Dr. Xxxxx

Dear Dr Xxxxx
     I cannot speak to your perceived or tested B12 deficiency, especially not knowing as to whether it is intake, absorption, storage, use or a wasting problem. Nor can I speak to your therapy. That is between you and your chosen medical professional.

     Also you have not defined you dietary choices, so I can't postulate even if I dared; I would not even if I could. You must always take charge of your own health! What I can do is share simple knowledge -- as best I know it! Then you process and decide you own "prescription" or action!

     Much is still not fully understood or taught on this subject. There is unbelievable biases and pathetic falsehoods abounding among (too many so-called) professionals, and I certainly don't know as much as I should or would like. 

     You might consider the following conclusions (Vitamin B12 page 2) based my sense, life experience and many reviews of good (but never completely perfect) research literature, which should also be available to you or your doctor (on the web or in a medical university's library. -- I will add as much here in time as I can). 

    Also understand that in many so-called, even best-intended scientific writings, one flawed idea, perception or premise or even just a single erred word can and often does invalidate an entire thesis -- and all other thesis's or volumes based upon the flawed first!

Vitamin B12 page 2

Dr Xxxxx
     This letter (with all of your identity, name and email address removed) will be posted for view and critique of my friends as well as for you now, then footnoted with good research literature references and improved (edited) as soon as I can here ( at )

    As to your B12 injections and corrective therapy: Again, that must be in your own personal care choices and your own Doctor's most honorable knowledge,  judgments and decisions.

     Physiological logic, my own and recorded experience also indicates the inflammation of your neck (vertebrae), if caused by -- or exacerbated by -- microbial (viral or bacterial) infection and/or autoimmune (antigenic triggered) assault --  will also be benefited by the same nutritional choices indicated above. 

     Stopping the incursion of pathogens (which are virtually all animal sourced) and the incursion of animal sourced antigens will relieve immune loading, immune auto-attack (autoimmune activity) and will free up and enhance your own repair chemistry.
     Complete and excellent nutritional support is fully providable, all with vegetation as the sole source.

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