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Date: 3/2/04 2:53:14 PM Mountain Standard Time
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These bills are dead or defeated:

    HB-45 Individual Income Tax Amendments  (Jones)
        HB-68  Criminal Penalty Amendment  (Litvak)
        HB-77  Felony Assault Amendments  (Frank)
        HB-101  Mental Health Services Coordinator  (Hogue)
        SB-36  Prevention of Child Access to Firearms  (Julander)
        SB-41  Hate Drime Amendments  (Evans)
        SB-95  Issuing a Bad Check or Draft  (Hellewell)
        SJR-3  Resolution Urging State to Recognize Federal Law Prohibition Partial Birth Abortion  (R.Allen)

    HB-271 S1  Tuition Tax Credits  (Ferrin)
        HJR-19  Resolution Urging Support of Federal Law Prohibiting Partial Birth Abortion  (King)
        HJR-26  Resolution Providing Property Tax Exemption  (Ferrin)

    HB-109  Legal Presence Provisions  (Thompson)
        HB-291  Safe Drinking Water Act Amendment  (Donnelson)
        HB-366  Repeal of Exemption From Non-Resident Tuition  (Donnelson)
        SB-54 S2  Restructuring Devision of Child And Family Services  (Hellewell)
        SB-99  Child and Family Services - Standard of Review  (Hellewell)
        SB-105  Abuse, Neglect and Dependency Amendments  (Hellewell)
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