Diet Decisions is superbly written by Joyce Kinmont. It is easy to read and so comfortable to enjoy and "digest". It is the effort of one caring mother reaching out, informing, educating and encouraging all others.

   While Joyce held me ransom in informational obligation, she perfectly took her own experience and added the complex understanding of my science, filtering my harsh and uncompromising expression, and communicated it in tenderest script with sweet ease and in better words than I ever could. You will breeze through it with joy, yet have more practical and solidly useful knowledge than if you had struggled to absorb the largest University text or the endless awful libraries of texts and documents that I am forced to deal with in my labor.

   Many hundreds have expressed gratitude for her book and for the blessing life changes it has helped them to make. Because it was first intended to appeal to the attendees at Mrs. Kinmont's LDS Home Education Conference at BYU (Provo, Utah), its full printed title is "Diet Decisions for Latter Day Saints"; but undeterred by the overt LDS appeal or foci, many hundreds of other wonderful people of every culture, belief and faith have called back for more copies to share with their family and friends. I have been astonished and pleasingly surprised by its acceptance by so many and of such great diversity. As I or associates have participated in world science, human health and education conferences, copies have literally gone to the "four corners" of the earth and I have had to order more printings to satisfy so many pleased.

   You too will be pleased!

   Because I know many have been devastated in medical poverty, as have I, I have never held back sharing copies, and will not withhold copy from any one sincerely desiring, though not able to afford purchase. But, where you can afford it, we will graciously accept it's $10.95 cover price as donation - or what you can afford, and use it to print more copies and cover postage. But Please! no matter what your circumstances, even if you are not able to afford the purchase, do not deny yourself the benefit of Joyce's kind writing and its potential help to you in your health, nor deny us the privilege of sharing it with you and those you love, in return for our desperately needed credit given in the Heavens!

   Copy is easily available by getting to me your phone number, etc. through email: or calling me direct, Thomas L Rodgers, the "Vegan Cowboy (Scientist)," LifeSave Biological Research and Educational Consortium on Human (and Animal) Health, Utah/USA/Int'l, at 801-298-9095 (your caller ID is displayed/required/recorded -- but is never given out to anyone else!) or through regular mail at POBox 304 Bountiful, Utah 84011-0304
or by contacting Joyce Kinmont directly or through her web site at

Read Joyce's brief paper and testimony (one page) of the Word of Wisdom: Testimony, Joyce Kinmont [Auhors -]

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