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Subj: Fraud Alert! Say NO to vote scams! Date: 6/10/03
Subj: New Performance Report for 02-03 Legislative Session! Date:    4/5/03

Subj: Fraud Alert! Say NO to vote scams! 
Date: 6/10/03 1:01:10 AM Mountain Daylight Time 
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Dear Friends,

On the eve of Leavitt's latest scheme to shove electronic voting down our throats, here is a timely and informative alert on the subject of fair elections.  If you are unable to access the Web, let me know and I'll cut and paste the message for you in an e-mail.


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Beware of officials who attempt to sell you electronic voting!  Don't let vote scam artists take advantage of you.  Read our alert and demand better from your elected officials. 

In other news...

New Citizen Training Section
This new page (under our Citizen Library section) features helpful advice and resources that aims to help citizens to be as effective as possible.  For example, do you have difficulty understanding your elected official?  Check out our Official-Speak Guideand drastically improve your conversational and comprehension skills.

Citizen's Library: Research at Your Fingertips
Our Citizen's Library section features over 200 quotes from the founding fathers and many of the works that helped to formulate political thought in America.  And don't forget our Flounders Quotes, featuring deep thoughts from some of Utah's modern political leaders.

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Accountability Utah exists to shed light on the legislative
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Subj:    New Performance Report for 02-03 Legislative Session! 
Date:    4/5/03
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Dear Friends,

Some of you have asked why I went silent after the legislative session.  I 
became convinced that there were certain levels of accountability that were 
not being adequately addressed.

I want to make you all aware of a new organization: Accountability Utah.  I 
voluntarily assist in editing.  Accountability Utah has just published the 
2002-2003 Performance Report of the Legislative General Session.  It is 
available online in .pdf format at

Accountability Utah is organizing volunteers in every house district to get 
these reports out to key citizens.  If you would like to be considered for 
such an effort, send an email to

It is time to begin the process to take back this state and to hold our 
government accountable.  I refuse to stand idly by while we have another 
legislative session as horrendous and unacceptable as this one was.

I hope you will join in the effort in some way,

Daniel B. Newby
(801) 281-2670

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