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We have Utah and National families losing their children in abject violation of law and humane reason!
See one case in which we are laboring to help resolve and reunite honorable parents and their wrongfully taken (nursing) child! -- learn what you can do to help!
This can happen to you or anyone now!
Attend atleast one of the three meetings scheduled below! 
Speakers for Nov. 15 Parental Rights Town Meeting
Citizens in Utah County have asked us to share the agenda for their Nov. 15 town meeting on parental rights at 9:30 AM at the American Fork City Library. 64S 100E - Map coutesy of MapQwest.com

Topics include:
* Victim testimony from Lisa Bierly, Daren & Barbara Jensen, Stephanie Mair, and Emma Curtis;
* Medical & religious implications by Sandra Lucas (Citizens Commission on Human Rights);
* Importance of due process by Dan Witte (attorney);
* Necessary reforms to protect innocent families by Dave Hansen (foster care survivor);
* Action plans by Lowell Nelson & Matt Misbach (Utah County citizens).

To RSVP, for directions, and for more information, see http://www.accountabilityutah.org/IssuesAlerts/News/2003/News111003Item1.htm
Contacts are Lowell Nelson (801-763-8046 or lowellnelson@mailcity.com) or Matt Misbach (801-427-8919 or matt@misbach.org).

Notice courtesy of  AccountabilityUtah.org
EAGLES!! Davis County Meeting - Nov 19 2003

Protecting the Family from the State 

Sponsored by: Utah State Representative Mike Thompson and
Utah Families Association 

Wednesday, Nov 19, 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. New Student Commons, Davis Applied Technology Ctr. 550 E. 300 South, Kaysville (map). Take I-15 to Kaysville exit, east to 500 E, south 6 blocks, on left, south end of building 

Featured Speakers:
*Daren and Barbara Jensen: "How the State Tried to Take Our Son"
*Rep. Mike Thompson: "What the Utah Legislature Must Do to Protect Families"
  Rep. Thompson is the Chairman of the DCFS Oversight Committee.
*Steve Russell, Attorney: "Protecting Your Family From False Allegations of Abuse"
  Steve won the landmark Roska case which stops DCFS from taking your child without a warrant -- although DCFS ignores the law.
*Duane Betournay, constituent affairs, DCFS; "Complaint Resolution within DCFS" 
*Adam Trupp, Policy Administrator, DCFS: "Complaint Resolution within DCFS" 
  There are some good folks in DCFS who are trying to make improvements.
*Vicki Peterson, Utah Eagle Forum:  "Following the Money Trail"
  The state receives Federal money when they remove a child from his parents andarrange for someone else to adopt him; there are no financial incentives for leavinga child in his home or for reunifying him with his parents.
*Gayle Ruzicka, Utah Eagle Forum and Utah Families:  "Protecting Parental Rights"
*Connie Roska, Utah Families:  "Call Connie Roska! -- How Advocates Can Help"
  Social worker at your door?  Does she have a warrant signed by a judge?  If not, call Connie 546-0821.
*Joyce Kinmont, Utah Families:  "Becoming Informed, Helping Your Neighbor"

  Can what happened to the Jensen's happen to you?  The State says, Yes! "The [Jensen] case, which is being viewed by parents-rights groups as a landmark decision, won't set a precedent, [Asst. Attorney General Mark] May said.  It is completely fact-specific and should not be taken as a sign that families who are in a similar situation will win and the state will just walk away." James Thalman, "Charges Against Jensen's Dropped,"Deseret News, Oct 25, 2003 

  Utah Families Assn. is a volunteer advocacy  organization.  Our mission is to help families who  have been falsely or frivolously accused of child abuse or neglect.  We do not interfere with the good work of DCFS in helping children who are  truly abused  or neglected.

info: Joyce Kinmont 801-776-3555
Gayle Ruzicka 801-756-2499

Map and driving instructions courtesy MapQwest:
New Student Commons, Davis Applied Technology Ctr. 550 E. 300 South, Kaysville.


Date: 11/15/03 9:02:34 AM Mountain Standard Time 
From: ronandmaryann@qwest.net 
To: ronandmaryann@hotmail.com

Northern Utah Parental Rights Town Meeting Nov 22 2003

Date/Time: Saturday, November 22, 10–11:30 AM
Location: Weber County Library (Ogden Branch) Auditorium, 2464 S. Jefferson Ave (click for map).
Invited: Citizens, voters, and parents of Utah!

Links to sites of like minds
AccountablityUtah.org - some cached here UtFamilies.org

Past events -- but still relevant issues requiring attention 
LDS Home Education Association Conference June 6, 2003 - See you there!
Ron Christensen of George Wythe College
and National Center for Constitutional Studies
will speak to us Thursday 5/15 at 7:00 in the Davis County Commission chambers at the old court house in Farmington Utah, 28 East State Street. (Map at MapQuest)
His subject is "It Will Take Two Things to Save Our Nation". 
There is no charge.
George Wythe College - Cedar City Utah  .  National Center for Constitutional Studies
Fluoridation: Layton City Council Meeting was held April 3rd
WaterAndLife.org / KickEmInTheAcid.org / HorsesAgainstFluoride.org / Cows / Pets / Animals / Nature
For our friends of Eagles Forum - Immediate Events or Meeting Announcements 

American Heritage School, Deadline:  May 9 2003
Family Education Center:736 North 1100 East,  American Fork, UT  84003 
Contact Cheryl Karr, Ckarr@AHSmail.com,  (801) 642-0055

Press Release

Linda and Richard Eyre to speak in American Fork

The authors of New York Times' best-selling book Teaching Your Children Values, Linda and Richard Eyre, will speak at American Heritage School in American Fork Friday, May 9 at 7:30 pm on the Art of Nurturing. The public is welcome.

American Heritage School is located directly east of the Mt. Timpanogos Temple in American Fork at 736 N. 100 E..  A donation of $5 per couple or $3 per person is appreciated.  For more information or to reserve a seat please email Ckarr@AHSmail.com  or call 642-0055 ex.503.

Past events - Kept here temporarily for contact reference
Women For Decency Meeting Thursday, March 13, 8:30 PM, Georgetown Clubhouse
Parent's' Night on Vital Safety Thursday Evening, March 20, 7:00 p.m. Centennial Jr. High,  Provo, Wolf Den Auditorium.
...Great News - HR1170
Great news - Pass it along
Sandra Lucus, 3/19/03

Dear friends,

Rep. Burns of Georgia introduced a resolution (HR 1170) in federal Congress.

This resolution asks that any state that wants federal education money develop and implement rules and procedures prohibiting school personnel from forcing parents into giving their kids schedule II drugs (such as Ritalin and Adderall). The other good news is that along many congressmen, the Speaker of the House has also signed on as a co-sponsor.

This is a very important resolution as if passed can help turn the tide in terms of the mandates associated with federal funds. Right now there is a definite incentive to drug kids. This  has the potential of literally saving millions of American children from falling into psych hands and being addicted to mind altering drugs.

It is vital that all of us contact our congressman and ask him to vote yes on this resolution. We have a chance to help children and need to act.

Here is the contact information for congressmen. Please take a minute to either write an email or make a phone call. This contact information is for Utah resident only.

Congressman Rob Bishop (801) 625-0107 norma.copps@mail.house.gov
Congressman Jim Mattheson (801) 486-1236 matheson@mail.house.gov
Congressman Chris Cannon (801) 379-2509 cannon.ut03@mail.house.gov

This meeting has past, but please contact for your future involment: 

Statewide Meeting on 
“Hate Crimes” Legislation!

When: Saturday, March 8, at 10:30 a.m.

Where: American Fork City Library at 64 S. 100 East in the Community Room. 

Who: Citizens of Utah!

What do we do about hatred and prejudice? Attend a panel discussion on “hate crimes,” the content of House Bill (HB) 85, “Hate Crimes Amendments,” by Rep. David Litvack, and the ramifications of “hate crimes” legislation to our state and communities.

Frank Guliuzza, Chair, Department of Political Science, Weber State University
Richard Wilkins, Professor of Law, BYU J. Reuben Clark Law School
Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff (formally invited)
Representative David Litvack (formally invited)
Doug Wright, KSL 1160 AM talk show host (formally invited)

The prevailing argument for “hate crimes” legislation is that we need this tool to give our laws more force against targeted acts of hatred and prejudice. The prevailing argument against this approach is that it will demean victims of “unclassified” crimes, divide our community, and threaten our traditional systems of justice.

Attempts to legislate hatred and prejudice come up every year. Whether HB 85 passes or not this session, this issue requires an informed citizenry. The arguments for and against it can be emotional and can blind reason. Attend, solidify your knowledge and opinion on this issue, and then share it with your elected officials.

Directions: American Fork Library, 64 S 100 E, American Fork, Utah  <Click for map

If you are Southbound on I-15, get off on the first American Fork exit, #281 and turn left. Stay on that road until you hit 1st East. Turn right onto 1st East. The library is right there by park and the room is on main floor on east side of the building. 

If you are Northbound onI-15, get off on first American Fork exit #279 (5th East) and turn right. Stay on that road until you hit State Street (the second light). Turn left onto State Street. Go to 1st East and take another left. The library is right there by park and the room is on main floor on east side of the building.

Joe Ferguson at 801-756-4452 or joeferg@lgcy.com
Matt Misbach at Matt@Misbach.org
Let us know you are coming so we can have enough handouts.

Sadly SB-28 s1 passed in the House of Representatives to completion!

After you have read Bart Grant's enlightening review (below) of SB-28 s1, let all of your Representatives and Senators know of your disappointment in the encumbering restrictions written into this bill and their violations of your citizen rights to a reasonable initiation process within the Constitution! 

Then voice your concerns publicly, through letters to editors, to radio and all other media!-4 Feb 03

OPPOSE Senate Bill, SB-28 s1
Initiative Amendments -- Hickman, J.

Citizen initiated legislation is a fundamental right, enumerated in our constitution.

“All political power is inherent in the people…” (Article I,  Section 2 of the Utah Constitution)
“The Legislative power of the State shall be vested:  1.  In a Senate and House of Representatives… 2.  In the people of the State of Utah”
The legal voters…, may initiate any desired legislation and cause the same to be submitted to a vote of the people for approval or rejection,…” (Article 6 Section 1 of the Utah Constitution)

Only FOUR citizen initiatives have passed in Utah in the past 40+ years.  SB28s1 would make it IMPOSSIBLE to even bring an initiative to the ballot.

SB28 imposes the following new requirements on the citizen initiative process:
Changes signature distribution requirement to 26 of 29 Senate Districts.

This would be the most difficult requirement in the nation and is unduly burdensome.  It would allow opponents of a citizen initiative to concentrate their resources in only four.  Senate districts, virtually guaranteeing that sufficient signatures could not be obtained.
SB28 FAILS to address the problematic signature removal provision currently in the code.  Justices on the Supreme Court felt this process was burdensome and offensive.

Adds a new requirement for a statement indicating whether or not persons gathering signatures for the petition will be paid for doing so.

This requirement would be impossible to enforce.  Someone who is not a sponsor of an initiative is free to print and circulate copies and even pay for signature gathering.  Sponsors have no way to know if others will pay circulators or not.

Allows ONLY 1 YEAR (instead of the current 2 general election cycles) to qualify initiatives.

This kind of requirement will guarantee that no TRUE citizen initiative will qualify for the ballot.  It will guarantee that all initiatives to be sponsored by wealthy interest groups.
This time restriction will also prevent citizens from reaching the 5% threshold required to submit an initiative to the Legislature rather than the voters. 

Rejects the initiative application if the law proposed by the initiative is identical or substantially similar to a law  that was submitted to the County Clerks and the Lieutenant Governor for certification and evaluation within the preceding two years.

This requirement will allow people or groups who are actually opposed to an initiative to file an inadequate initiative for a particular topic and then wait one year to turn in any signatures, and by so doing, prevent supporters of that issue from filing a similar initiative for up to THREE years.

Adds the following line to the statement on the final page of each petition packet:

"I have not paid or given anything of value to any person who signed this petition to encourage them to sign it."

This is almost the only good thing in the entire bill.

Requires sponsors to advertise and conduct public meetings in 7 different regions of the state.

Public hearings serve no purpose for initiatives.  Initiatives cannot be amended as a result of any public hearing.  This requirement will prevent citizens from using the initiative process.  Other states with similar requirements have shown that these hearings attract little to no attendance.  Initiatives are before the public from the day they are filed until the day they are voted on.  The entire text of the law is printed in each packet.

The fiscal note states “It is estimated that sponsors of an initiative petition will incur newspaper publishing costs of $3,600 to provide written notice, and other costs associated with arranging, holding and documenting the proceedings of the required public hearings throughout the State.”  This is another requirement that would put the initiative out of the reach of common citizens.

 There is no similar requirement for laws proposed by the legislature.

Requires sponsors to give written notice to EACH State Senator, State Representative, County Commission, or County Council member in the state.

This is simply a pile of RED TAPE!  IF public hearings were even warranted (and they’re not!) Senators, Representatives, and County Commissioners should receive the same notice the public receives.  Aren’t they members of the PUBLIC???

There is no similar requirement for laws proposed by the legislature.

Requires sponsors to video tape or audio tape the public hearing and, when the hearing is complete, deposit the complete audio or video tape of the meeting with the lieutenant governor; OR take comprehensive minutes of the public hearing, detailing the names and titles of  each speaker and summarizing each speaker's comments.

This would also serve no purpose.  Public hearings are moot by the time an initiative is filed.

Makes it illegal to:

(a) pay a person to sign an initiative petition;
(b)  pay a person to remove the person's signature from an initiative petition;
(c)  accept payment to sign an initiative petition;
(d) accept payment to have the person's name removed from an initiative petition. 

This is the other GOOD requirement.

Adds requirements for sponsors to submit expenditure reports on
(a) March 1st, (b) June 1st, (c) 14 days before the first public hearing, and
(d) at the time initiative packets are submitted to the county clerk,
(in addition to existing requirement of Jan. 5th, September 15th, and 7 days before the General Election.

This is more reporting than candidates or interest groups are required to do and it is too much.
The requirement for an expenditure report at the time initiative packets are submitted to the county clerk does not make sense.  Packets can be turned in EACH and EVERY day that the petition is circulated.  This could require financial reports to be filed DAILY.  Again, groups other than the sponsor can circulate an initiative.  Who would report on them?

This bill does MUCH  MORE than "AMEND" the initiative statute.  It obliterates this fundamental right of the citizens.

SB28s1 is nothing but HARRASMENT OF THE PEOPLE and an ASSUALT ON THE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE OF UTAH and is certain to invite an expensive court action which Utah Taxpayers will be forced to pay for.

Drafted by Bart Grant -- email bgrant17@msn.com 

Phone 538-1029. Contact you State Representatives and press for their NO vote on SB-28 s1
Utah House of Representatives Roster -- links to District info, Phone, Address, Fax and Email
Contact your Utah State Representatives, 538-1029, and Senators, 538-1035, and petition their correct votes: 
Utah House of Representatives Roster-- with links to District info, Phone, Address, Fax and Email 
Utah State Senate Roster -- with links to County info, Phone, Address, Fax and Email 
UtahLegislators.org: State, County, City Officials locator site - sponsered by Utah Credit Unions
Daniel Newby:  1. Bigotry At The Capitol - Re: HB109 ElectroConvulsive Therapy Restrictions  .  (also see StopShock.org)  2. Notes from Daniel Newby / Acountability Utah.org

Also see our own legislative issues: StopShock.org  .  CowsAgainstFluoride.org  .  HorsesAgainstFluoride.org  .  KickEmInTheAcid.org 
If you have legislative information on current bills  in this session which may violate our freedoms, health or happiness, and need public exposure or clearity, please email me at Tom@ByAThread.org I may be able to post worthy material or add links here.
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